What happens when you believe in yourself

That is one great question to ask. When you act self assured and as you knew no limits your future could be wide open and in no time at all you may be where you want to be. That belief in yourself could be the greatest asset there is as long as you are adamant in your approach to life in a sense that you allow yourself to sample the life just about like anybody else. This is nothing to do with feeling rotten about life or being too naive, this is simply an honest appraisal of your character and your abilities, while having little to do with attempts at bossiness or self imposed ideas of grandeur.

Are you there yet?

When you exude self confidence you are more likely to know how to assert yourself although assertiveness comprises some more than just that one particular trait. It stems from the fair though subjective take on life that you are a part of, in a sense that you are quite apt at assessing life as is and milking the opportunities that come your way. To a great extent, it stems directly from what you have been through all your life, particularly your earliest years. Most people take pride in their looks, followed or preceded by their intelligence and other aspects, such as the character. The most observable reasons involve, however, the first two points and also one’s ability to gain the edge over the other people in a sense that you are more than likely to succeed in a job thanks to your perseverance, wit, honesty or possessed skills. Some assert themselves in contact with the others through an early training in which they are taught how to behave while socializing.

What happens?

Some people would never stand the way you are, seeing you as cocky or bullheaded on their private list of death wish. Others who are equally self asserted would be most respectful of you and your attitude to life to have as much out of it as possible. Self confidence is nothing to be ashamed of, it is one of the gifts you have been endowed with to make the most of life and you should be thankful for it. When you are crushed by the tides of life and you cower in light of some unmitigated forces of nature, soon you are reminded that you can pull it off as long as you give it enough push thanks to your innate abilities. You fall and here you go back again. Self confidence wants you to take less trodden paths, approach life with less fear, which is a great asset in the trying times and when you are dealing with some difficult people that cross your path. Self-assertion in a sense protects you from being overly and gullibly persuaded to follow the way you are pushed towards without having expressed neither of your sentiments. Anything can happen when you are self assured.

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