The Threats That Hair Colors Pose To Your Health

In this article you’ll read about the health risks of using hair color and dye.

Colored hairs are a common trend nowadays because people want to hide their gray strands or just want to have a fresh and different look. Hair colors offer you an ability to change your entire look and aura aside from the fact that they are simple and painless to set and the wide range available colors are very much enticing especially to women and the youth.

Hair Colors Do Have Side Effects

Mostly, these products assert that they condition your hair and that they have polymers which are safe and can protect your hair from any type and cause of damages. However, science practitioners especially in the field of medicine are bothered and are becoming anxious because of the extensive usage and application of hair colors and their side effects on your health. According to results of studies, hair colors have disturbing effects on your health.

In fact, 60% of women in certain countries use hair colors and a percentage of this data includes young girls. Over 10% of men have also been reported to be using the same products on their hair regularly. As the end users, we should all be aware that these products contain chemicals and more often than not, most synthetic substances have side effects particularly on your health.

Specific Side Effects Of Hair Colors

Allergic reactions are the most ordinary and universal after-effect of coloring your hair because of the ingredients these products contain that induces allergy sensitizers. Some reactions include swelling, itching, breathing difficulties and scalp puffiness on top of leukemia, arthritis and hay fever.

Some people, however, experience only mild varieties of allergic reactions such as irritation of the ear rims and irritation of the eyelid. Still, certain individuals go through extreme responses like anaphylactic shock wherein the airways get constricted due to the swelling of the tongue and mouth. Such cases are deadly and many of these have been accounted to the use of hair dyes.

Prevalently, skin irritation is another adverse reaction to hair colors alongside itching, burning sensations and skin redness. This is why performing skin patch tests are highly recommended and can be usually found in the instructions label of a hair dye product.

Moreover, hair coloring products, especially when used excessively, make hair dry, brittle and fragile making it more prone to breakage. Deep conditioning treatments and using specific products for dyed hair are the common counter methods that users do when experience hair breakage. Some users even develop skin discoloration in patches along their hairline.

Hair Colors And Cancer

Hairstylists who are usually exposed to hair dyes are reported to have an increase in getting chances of asthma attacks. It has been also found that there is a link between hair dyes and lymphoma especially with women who have been coloring their hair for longer periods of time.

Hairstylists are also at a higher probability of breast cancer development aside from lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia.

So, is dyeing your hair worth all of these risks?

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