The Advantages of Smoking: A Surprise

Many have written on the harmful detriments of smoking tobacco to your health. This article is not one of them. In contrast, this piece talks about the benefits that you can get from smoking cigarettes.

People are trying their best to quit smoking. From experience, it wasnít that hard, personally. However, certain people had become dependents that their bodies withdraw when they try to stop, but why quit, really? For your family? For your friends? For your disapproving lover? There are things that, in reality, need to be considered because smoking is a common habit with some good benefits.

An Idea On Nicotine

Nicotine is from a tobacco plantís dried leaves. It is a gentle kind of stimulant for the nervous system. Its short term effects include an increase in pulse rate and a high blood pressure as a result of the constricting of the blood vessels.

The Benefits of Smoking

Smoking can actually help you relax, concentrate and be less anxious. Although some people diverts to an alternative stress-coping practice, smoking is obviously the universal method to relieve you of anxiety and stress for a short time.

Some people, especially women who are body-conscious, smoke because smoking has the ability to suppress the appetite and increase the metabolic rate of the body. It is significantly advantageous if you are in a battle against over-eating and if you are extremely overweight.

Aside from this, studies have shown that females who smoke have a lower probability of developing uterine fibroids. Likewise, certain women are genetically prone to developing breast cancer but research has proved that smoking has the ability to reduce the risk only for this specific group of women. A good number of cigarette sticks may also help in preventing Parkinsonís disease which is a common degenerative neurological malady among the old ones.

A single stick may keep you warm when the temperature is low, but smoking also has mental benefits. You see, nicotine stimulates dopamine release, which is a chemical in your brain that is responsible for euphoric stints of bliss. So, when someone smokes to combat stress, their happiness level increases in turn for a short span of time until the amount of chemical in the body drops.

Evidence has also shown that several schizophrenics smoke as a self-medication because it hampers episodic frequency. Indirectly, smoking has also been shown to decrease mental illness risks of dementia and Alzheimerís.

Surprisingly, scientific studies show that smokers are more unlikely to need procedures for knee-replacements. Since a majority of those who require such treatments are joggers, runners and scrupulous athletes ñ a picture where a traditional smoker will never fit.

On the other hand, cigarettes offer jobs to many people all over the globe especially in developing countries where tobacco is a significant part of their economyís development and growth.

However, even if the society accepts the fact that smoking has its advantages, still, it is generally detrimental to your wellbeing. Majority knows that smoking is hazardous. There are campaigns, advertisements and even your family and your friends always bombard you of this fact. So the next time you are getting slated for your smoking habit, just let them know some of these smoking benefits.

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