Take Charge Of Your College Life

This article is mainly on how to survive the college academic life.

College life can be a great struggle because you need to balance academics, social life and sometimes a job as well. You take charge of everything because your grades depend on what you do.

Picking The Right Courses

To get good grades, picking the right courses is essential. Select the classes that you know you can do. Don’t settle for some ìstandard freshman programî from your adviser. You, yourself, should be the one to carefully and individually pick your courses while paying close attention to each one of them. There’s a high probability that you will do better if you have made the right choices.

Make The Right Choices

Making the right choices involves taking the number of units and hours that will allow you to still live normally. It actually isnít advisable to take as many hours as the university allows unless you are very special that your brain can accommodate more than one major. Instead, pick a major you love. There’s nothing more rewarding than excelling in an area you love doing.


Part of getting good grades is balancing off the various things you have to do, so getting a calendar is a good option. You can add in all your classes, exams, papers as well as your professorsí consultation hours. Multitasking is important in college and planners can be really significant. Staying organized can also mean having less stress, like using a binder to systematize your files.

Go To Class

Obviously, college is a school so you need to go to class and pay attention. Listen and take down notes. Otherwise, sit, listen, understand and absorb what teacher discusses. In the first place, your parents paid for your tuition so you can join the class.

Take Notes

During class hours, be a robo-notetaker or a robo-sponge for information. Most introductory courses generally base their examination coverage on the professorís lectures. Taking notes actually gives you confidence as it can be considered an outcome of your class attendance. Also, try to have a quick review from time to time.

Find Your Comfortable Study Spot

You can also consider studying in places or settings that are comfortable for you, like in a coffee shop. Almost everyone have their own unique techniques in studying. Some prefer silence while others prefer a noisy background. During study time, read all required materials and take notes ñ thatís reading and understanding and not just copying.

Do Your Best

If youíre required a research paper, pick and use proper scholarly materials. Never overlook the instructions so you will understand what the professor is expecting. Push yourself to do your best on every assignment all throughout the semester.

Study With A Group Or With A Study Buddy

Some students improve their grades when they work in an organized way together with the other students. Donít be an island. You can actually improve your grades when you have ìstudy buddiesî whom you can discuss lectures especially those that you donít fully understand.

Balance Work And Social Life

Study hard and party harder as a reward for yourself for a semester well done. Keep up your stress-reducing activities and donít forget to eat and sleep. Youíre a student, not an AI or a bot. Be sure to take care of your health. As the ancient Roman poet Juvenal puts it, “Mens sana in corpora sank” – “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Sports, exercise and proper diet actually helps in better thinking and better learning.

Good Attitude

During examination, take the time into consideration to allow yourself to complete the test with the best of your ability. Be positive and have confidence. Good attitude is a large part of good grades. Besides, the university took you because they believe you can do well.

College is way far from high school. No teacher or parent will remind you of your daily routine or what to do in certain cases. You take all the responsibilities. In college, you take charge.

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