Should I quit smoking weed?

Right away! Actually it is good that you have asked but let’s have a deeper look at why you should refrain possibly from smoking as of this moment. You could experiencing a variety of symptoms which all have a bearing on the quality of life unless not, and you are being driven by something totally different, like peer pressure or your girlfriend’s adamant posture that only by parting with weed you will make her all so happy to be looking to your future together.

Why do you smoke?

You may have taken up this habit as a teen and saw how much it has influenced you from the very start. There is no single party that could be held without your being pressed to smoke a joint. In a sense you may have been unable to party and groove with no extra ingredient of the smoke to chill and be seized over by the need to lose yourself in the moment. Or you get that extra kick out of inhaling and getting slightly stoned for a change to escape a pitiful reality of your life. In this sense your reality becomes denser and more colorful and it is less about escaping but living it more strongly when adrenaline kicks in. It is quite addictive despite what many people say but even more so in a psychological sense.

The Consequences

People have been experimenting with drugs for ages and many have been quite OK with the prolonged use.However, a number of worrying symptoms that may have come to your attention are warning you about the possibility of the addiction deteriorating more strongly, thus affecting you in a negative way. It is about becoming dependent on weed to the extent you would normally perhaps not consider it as such. You may have begun to develop some symptoms which have enough potential to negatively affect your health and brain and break your life before you see it.

The Remedy

Some people are quite apt at kicking their habits and leaving them behind despite a penchant for those mind bending substances that induce some alternate states of mind. You may or may not be one of them, therefore you would need to test your ability to push yourself without limit to check how much you are capable of establishing yourself on a firm footing without weed. If it turns difficult and come the weekend your thoughts would revolve yet again around some added value to a memorable night, then perhaps you should seek help immediately.

Closing Remarks

If any of the symptoms are recurring then you would most likely benefit from immediate consultation of your general health provider. Please be advised not to make light of your condition.

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