Should I quit my job?

Many a time we are so despondent with the job we undertook feeling happy for ourselves. Those happy moments seem more like a joke in hindsight after what you have been through. The title question can only be answered in the positive when you begin to see that this is the only thing that makes sense and is likely to contribute to your well-being in the long run. Then you should also ask yourself if there are any prospects for job finding in your area, because if not, how are you going to land a job if the stiff competition and all other kinds of obstacles will hinder your future chances of bouncing back from your unemployment?

To quit or not to quit?

Even then, when you decide to make a slow start and live on your savings you would perhaps have to move house and incur all kinds of expenses before you finally see the light. But let’s get back to the question why.

This is a dilemma that is oftentimes painful for those who thought that they landed a dream job only to change their mind some time later. It doesn’t actually have to be anything specific that you may be wondering over, just some subtle aspects of the job.

Why do you think that way?

For starters, analyze what exactly is going through your mind when you have to go through that door to that particular building where you are expected to perform your duties. It is the random nature of things that has tugged at your sleeve to pay closer attention to what is needed to make you shine and not keep a low profile and toil away for peanuts. Sometimes we are dreaming of greener pastures only to find ourselves on the other side and conclude that we must have been deluded to be wanting something else, but it is the nature of things and curiosity that are the propellers behind our actions that spur us on to achieve more or discover more. Once we reach that phase, a stinging pain of the reality poking fun behind our back is going to show so much stronger. It doesn’t however always have to be like that.

Which course of action is the best?

Are you in two minds over your current choice which you are uncertain about asking yourself whether it would bring you closer to the desired end on a winding road to success no matter how you would want to define it? Chances that you would never regret your decision are dictated by the forces of the market, the job opportunities and so on. Without properly construed plan of action you are not getting anywhere, so your best idea would be to move one step closer to your desired goal through careful implementation of your plan, which should above all include your search for another job as you keep the old one secured just in case.

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