Should I move?

Whenever you live, there comes the time when you believe you could move house to another district or area or perhaps even out of town. It would be the moment when you wish for your recollection of certain people or certain events to pass or you are stuck and going through the motions which is why you are more interested in breaking away from it all to the land of sunshine. Perhaps nothing is keeping you in place where you are now and so you are looking forward to moving towards the future and not the vice versa.

When should you move?

That would totally depend on your specific circumstances which would dictate that you behave quite responsibly and reasonably without having to fall back upon someone’s help later on. In other words, you could just discard the old layers of yourself and shed the old skin without much dismay only to encounter greater problems later on which explains why you would need to be less reckless even though you are itching for a change in your circumstances. Some people just escape earlier responsibilities that they were earlier more willing to accept and dodge just for the sake of their own well being. Others are continually on the run, being driven by some internal needs unbeknowst to themselves. It is like the need to hit the road and keep running ahead, dragging one’s demons or children with them would be somehow satisfied. Like moving forward to escape the past which knows no way of escaping and which will always catch up with them. When that urge comes your natural instinct would be to rush out of the door and move, however, you may come to regret this impulsive decision with time that cannot be recouped in any way.

What should you be more careful about?

You may want to leave your luggage behind but it is best to face it now and admit why you are acting in this particular way and what benefits you may gain from going forward and never looking back. If the winding road cannot set you free, what can do so in the end? Are you moving for the sake of moving?

Perhaps you would benefit from realizing (though you may know it already) why you are trying to act this way and reflect on where it came from or who you picked it up from. How did the other person live their life? Have they been more successful than you? Sometimes we are trying to chew more than we can handle with our hit and miss attempts at living a fruitful and short lived lives, therefore, can being on the road be of any meaning or provide some sort of structure to our lives? Who knows maybe you are going to find your answers on the road in the end.

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