Should I have a baby?

Do you want to have a baby? Are you approaching the time when you are feeling under pressure to try for a baby? Actually don’t count on anyone to answer the question for you as no one is going to push you towards any particular decision.

Do’s and don’ts

It’s not going to be some advice ladled out in great amounts to meet your needs that you should know best. However have a look at the ideas to consider if you do need to have to be trying for the baby just yet.

The Don’ts

  • You have been pressed by your partner or your family
  • No one is there to offer you enough emotional support
  • Your current financial situation is worse than ever
  • You are less than certain about the job prospects in the near future
  • Having a baby could threaten your health quite seriously
  • You lack the skills necessary to be a responsible parent or are too young
  • You are way too advanced in age to try for a baby for fear of giving birth to an ill child
  • You have a partner you cannot trust or believe him to be responsible

The Do’s

  • You could handle all the pressure, be it financial or emotional with ease
  • There is ample support you can offer your child
  • Your partner would contribute to taking care of your child
  • You are young and strong and don’t see any risks coming your way in terms of either your health or your child’s health
  • You have dreamt of having a family ever since you remember
  • You can decide logically whether or not to have a child putting emotions aside

You are about to make a major decision that would bear fruit to have an impact on your whole life as you don’t just quit being mother when the child turns 18. Since the moment the child is born you carry his or her weigth in your arms and the heavy responsibility that comes along the joy and wonder.

the best course of action would be not to put yourself under too much pressure as this is not the best advisor. Your partner could be the most suitable person to talk things through with you. Either way make the decision that would stem from the comfort of your heart and soul and be dictated by your sudden needs only.

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