Should I adopt a child?

Perhaps you have tried unsuccessfully for a baby more than once, but to no effect. The money that you have invested has been wasted and can’t be recouped, but most importantly, you are adamant that you are going to be a mother this way or another.

Why adopt

If the insemination procedures have come to nil despite so much effort that went into them you could be looking with your partner into other ideas that would soon bring you the most desired outcome, your own baby.

The question of adoption comes naturally but the very nature of this endeavour is what remains an enigma to a large extent, not too mention the documentation needed and the time to adopt a child. You may think that you have waited a long time to be able to undergo the adoptive procedure and you would be ready for some other challenges to reach the destination but you may also not be that sure after all you have been through.

Why should you adopt? If you feel you have much to offer the baby or an older child who you could prepare even with some difficulty for life, and present as much emotional support as you can then perhaps you are most ready for it. Unfortunately you have to be willing to decide on your own, and deep in your soul you already know the answer, but you are still waiting to receive a confirmation or an omen from the heavens above to OK your choice. The prompt doesn’t have to be anything special and it could only be the smile on that face that is beaming back with love.

Can I manage?

No one knows, apart from you, if you are being ready for the big step forward. However, it would be good to keep in mind that some adoptions are strenuous akin to an uphill struggle, as much depends here on your child’s age and the biological component. The more mature you feel you are the better it feels to know you could handle that kind of challenge and with your partner’s support, even though some couples may be hesitant to undertake the effort of adopting an older child or a teen. Perhaps then becoming a foster family would be a much better choice if you find a child you would love to take care of.

How to tell that you are making the right decision?

No one can judge it for you and no advice of the kind: listen to your heart can make or break the deal here, it is simply dependent on your particular needs. Some adoptions could be too difficult to handle for the reasons beyond one’s control, but the same would apply to regular parenting, so the real confrontation of your needs and your abilities is yet to be tested. Make the right call but be aware of the possibility of some difficulties ahead.

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