Self Confidence: The Key is Within You

This article is about how you can gain self confidence.

You know you are capable of doing a lot of things that may be able to change your life; but, most of you lose this opportunity because of the lack of confidence to speak at that right moment. It is common with teenagers and may become your nature when you get older. If you are facing such difficulties, a list of guidelines can be read here for you to gain self confidence.

Trust Yourself

It doesn’t matter how your face and body looks or where you are from, what matters is that you are contented with the way you are. Imitating others will just demoralize your own self, instead, determine the good things in you and what you can do and enhance them.

Dress Up Comfortably

Clothes may not be able to change the real you but they can make you feel beautiful and good about yourself just by changing how you look. When you are dressed up and look good, you carry yourself differently and it also affects the way you interact with other people. So take care of your physique, use it to your advantage. Just bathing and wearing fresh and comfortable clothes can already make you feel confident and this is already a major improvement.

Be Active

Exercising daily, eating healthily and avoiding junk food and being lazy are just the basic ways to keep your body energized. Even if you are not in a hurry, walk briskly. You can actually amp up your confidence by perking up on your way to work or school. In fact, walking faster by 25% has the ability to make you feel and look more of value.

Continue Learning

Self knowledge is one of the easiest ways to gain self confidence so start reading newspapers, be conscious about the current affairs and build up your own reading or writing styles. Writing about your opinions and ideas will also make you feel more confident so jot down your experiences and your goals every single day.

Straighten Your Back

Carrying yourself more properly by starting with good posture practice will automatically increase your self confidence. So, stand up and straighten that back, keep your chin up and maintain eye contact. This will allow you to feel more attentive and you will also be able to make a positive inkling on others.


Talking is an essential aspect of having good self confidence. You can start by talking to those who are close to you. You will then find yourself at ease with talking to many people, even strangers. You should always be able to express yourself. Also try to build friendship with people you meet so you can have someone to socialize and interact with as well as sharing opinions and views.

With these simple things, you can certainly act more confident and feel better and happier about yourself. So go ahead and start building the improved version of you.

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