Painting On A Green Thumb For A Cozy Home

This article is a list of tips on beautifying your home, indoors and outdoors.

Gardening is neither pure science nor art but it requires a special kind of skill, or ìgreen DNAî. How do you garden if you donít have a green thumb? It’s quite simple actually. You just need to paint your thumb green. Here are some ideas on how to pretend and trick your visitors that you have a green thumb.

Clustering Your Pots

Clustering pots in your patio or porch is a good way to start gardening because you can have more control over the plantsí conditions. If your plant start wilting, you can just easily pour water on it, transfer it, replant it, or just toss it when all is said and done. See? Itís really easy this way.

Choose Resilient Plants

Certain plants can endure a wide range of conditions and can endure the different times of the year. Ornamental grasses are a good example. They do not require frequent watering, can live on in any soil type and comes in a colorful variety.

Black-Eyed Susans as well as the Montauk Daisies are both resilient types of flowering plants an dboth can endure harsh climates and even grow back every year.

Show Off Your Foliage

Flowers may be the diva of your garden because of their bursts of color but it is the foliage that runs the show even after your flowers have faded.

For example, you can mix small tough shrubs with tender and gentle ones. The former can replace the latter when needed because flowers are at their peaks during the months of May and June. However, your foliage will make your yard look effortlessly good throughout the year.

Use Succulents

Succulents have a wide colorful variety of shapes aside from the fact that they donít need too much attention making them an essential part of every garden. These plants are easy to take care of as long as you got a great deal of sunshine and a good soil. They can even thrive in a window box or a birdbath as long as there is good drainage.

Pot A Dwarf

Dwarf trees grow to only 5 to 10 feet tall and a broad range can thrive healthily in pots and can also be cut to shape, transferred or repotted. As long as you donít forget to give them water and fertilizer, they will be good because such tree types quickly dry out and consume soil nutrients.

Make A Raised Veggie Bed

Even though vegetables need a naturally perfect soil, they can do well on our backyard with just a raised bed. This will boost veggies and there will be less bending for you as you tend to your vegetables.

Construct A Mini Garden

Terrariums are actually one of the easiest to make. They may look exotic but they are actually very easy to maintain. You just need a fishbowl, an inch of pebbles with activated charcoal to prevent collection of water and potting soil suitable for your chosen plant. When it comes to plant selection, make sure that the ones you chose will stay dwarfed and likes high humidity and low amounts of light. I told you this is really simple, didn’t I?

Be Like A Pro

You can Google images of pretty gardens, containers or garden beds and apply them to your own home. Choose the design or landscape you like and just replicate what you see. However, you should consider copying only the plants as well as conditions that will work on your yard and donít forget to consider your climate, the size of your container, the type of your soil and the exposure you get from the sun to succeed in this project.

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