How Your Pets Can Endanger the Health of Your Family

This article discusses certain risks of having a pet at home.

Your pets are an important part of your family but welcoming and having a domesticated animal to your home poses certain hazards especially for human health. So to keep your family members safe as well your four-legged siblings, here are a few things that you should look out for:

Cat Scrapes

Bacterial infection from cats can be transferred via clawing or biting. It would be very important to be protective particularly to the children. A disease from a catís scratch may be uncommon but it can be transmitted from the animal to humans. Symptoms potentially include redness, fever, fatigue, swollen glands, rashes or headache. If a kid, in particular, was scratched or bitten and has any of the mentioned signs, you must immediately consult a physician because the kid may be in need of antibiotics.


Dehydrated pet food may be a carrier of salmonella. It is a kind of bacteria that induces nausea by infecting the small intestines; hence, it is very much important to keep these as far away as possible to little children especially young crawlers. In May of 2012, 47 individuals from 20 different states were affected by salmonella; 10 of whom were sent to the hospital for medication and healing. It doesnít matter where the food is stored; just make sure to avoid contacts mainly with children because they still have a fragile immune system.

Moreover, reptiles may also be a carrier of salmonella through their stool. So, one of the effective practices can include good hand washing technique every time you or your child comes in contact with the reptile or even just the cage to avert the contraction of these microorganisms.

Drinking Bowls

Small children may actually drown even in just a couple of inches of liquid so never leave a little child unattended especially near your petís bowl of water. Try to keep it as far away to your childís play spot as possible and same is true with pet food.

Lotions and Flea Collars

Green-lights that are based on pyrethroid treatments are sold to protect your pets against ticks and fleas. This is an innovation of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. It is a type of insecticide so basically it is harmful and could be a potential poison to both your dog or cat and your family. Otherwise, you can consult your veterinarian regarding safer remedies which can be bought over the counter.

Grooming habits can also affect your petís skin thatís why bathing your furry friend weekly with a prescribed shampoo is important. Also, frequent brushing of its fur will help keep the fur healthy with reduced shedding and trimming the nails and keeping them short so they donít tap when your pet is walking on the floor is also important.


Humans and their pets can also share certain parasitic diseases like hookworm which you can acquire by running barefoot where your pet with parasite infection takes a dump or like a disease like ringworm which you can get infected through petting a puppy thatís infected.


Tiny ticks can be picked up by your pets in a wooded locale. Some of these tiny creatures may be carrying diseases and cause long-term problems. These ticks must be removed and when doing so, it would be easier with a helper to prevent the your pet from jerking.

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