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Should I quit smoking weed?

Right away! Actually it is good that you have asked but let’s have a deeper look at why you should refrain possibly from smoking as of this moment. You could experiencing a variety of symptoms which all have a bearing on the quality of life unless not, and you are being driven by something totally […]

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Should i quit drinking?

Interesting observation you have made there, Watson. Why do you believe you are out of control for some inexplicable reason? Have your relationships deteriorated due to excessive drinking which has turned uncontrollable? Then perhaps the question is justified and you should be commended for your ability to reflect on the current and sorry state of […]

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The Advantages of Smoking: A Surprise

Many have written on the harmful detriments of smoking tobacco to your health. This article is not one of them. In contrast, this piece talks about the benefits that you can get from smoking cigarettes. People are trying their best to quit smoking. From experience, it wasnít that hard, personally. However, certain people had become […]

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